Our Set Up

Gautam General Trading LLC maintains its excellent quality products and incomparable customer satisfaction with its unbeatable infrastructure and facilities. The main reason why GGT is able to maintain its impeccable quality and service is because it owns, controls and manages the entire supply chain process, that is, from the production of paddy to the delivery of the final product to the end user.

Gautam General Trading’s Dubai office is the main base for its distribution channels and hence is located in the heart of the rice market. GGT has its very own in-house clearing and logistics team which is mandatory in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and timely deliveries.
Further, GGT has a fleet of 30 pick-ups, vans, delivery trucks and 4 trailers for delivery.
Its warehouse covers an area of 100,000 sq. ft which is located in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). GGT is proud to have its brand new state-of-the-art warehousing Facility at Techno Park spread over a vast area of 155840 square feet recently. GGT at any point of time has ready rice stocks in Dubai of at least 15,000 MT of all varities of Indian, Pakistani and Thailand rice and a staff strength of 150+ employees to handle business operations.

GGT is proud to have its brand new state-of-the-art warehousing Facility at Techno Park spread over a vast area of 155840 square feet recently.

Along with Dubai, GGT has its business activities in countries like Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. GGT has assigned personnel to control and managed activities in these regions.


The co-founders of Gautam General Trading LLC (GGT) are the same co-founders of Punjab Riceland Private Limited (PRL) hence making GGT an extension of themselves in the GCC Markets. Today, Punjab Riceland Private Limited is ranked among the best rice processing companies in Northern India. ( PRL processes 80,000 MT of paddy per year and the manufacturing facility at Tarn Taran (Punjab) covers 1,000,000 sq. ft. PRL has the best reputation in the rice industry in Punjab and is known for its superior quality rice. It is one of the oldest rice mills in the region.

Gujarat, Kandla

Our warehouse located in Kandla, Gujarat covers an area of 200,000 sq. ft. which stores around 15,000 MT of rice. The warehouse is equipped with its own processing plant for the cleaning and packaging of rice.


Our office in Mumbai has been formed to focus on sourcing, procurement of South Indian varieties of rice and supply management hence allowing us to practice a more systematic and organized method of our procurement operations.

GGT also operates in Africa under the name Gatkom Limited. ( Gatkom has its offices currently located in countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Senegal, Madagascar and Djbouti. Gatkom Ltd.’s vision is to provide its Customers in the African region with readily available quality rice through local deliveries as this would mean inspections of quality by the team and faster deliveries.

Our Team

The Best Mix of Talent and Experience

GGT’s team comprises of professionals who are qualified with relevant past experience. Energetic and innovative, our team is motivated to progress and work to their best levels. Our team believes in building personal one to one relations with our customers hence giving our customers a greater feel of loyalty and reliability with our company.

Our strength is our motivated and hardworking workforce who has played a vital role in GGT’s growth and success. Along with the company’s progress we believe in simultaneous development of our employees by giving them freedom to decide, develop and initiate change and advancement.

GGT’s goal is to create a workforce of individuals with persistent and commitment who are able to predict, innovate and implement as a ‘team’ to achieve the vision of GGT.
Further, GGT seeks flexible team players who enjoy the challenges of working for a successful and rapidly growing global organization.

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